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Norrbom Marketing, La Danesa, Sueco & Norske had an interview in September 2020 with Martin Rance

Read all about the man behind Your Home Styling.

In Danish in "La Danesa" here.

In Swedish in "Sueco" here.

In Norwegian in "Norske" here.

The Man Behind Your Home Styling

He quickly became known as Mattress-Martin, when a few years ago he suddenly appeared in the Danish TV series called "Familien fra Bryggen". Martin was the energetic furniture salesman and friend of the family, who would deliver furniture to a new Bed & Breakfast on the Costa del Sol, and he quickly made a good impression on the new hotel owner's friend, Didde. But it was just a funny joke. And even though there is still a lot of fun and jokes in Martin, he is definitely also serious, ambitious and tender. Let's just say he's grown up.


He's always had a lot of balls in the air - and he loves it. But now he has grabbed two of the many balls, and is doing everything to hold them. The balls say Laura and Your Home Styling. The former is his relatively new, now pregnant, girlfriend. The last is his furniture and housing concept.

“I have tried a lot and would not want anything undone. But now it's all in 'on the two most important aspects of life. It's over with living as a bachelor, ”says 40-year-old Martin Rance.

Lots of sales and marketing

Martin grew up in South Zealand in Denmark, on an authentic farm with haylofts and lots of horses, chickens, cats and dogs. It has paved the way for a lot of good childhood memories, but as the teenage years progressed, city life became more and more attractive.

“I have always been fascinated by the vibrant city life. The same applies to the two concepts of sales and marketing ", says Martin Rance, before he begins his life story. The first milestone was an internship at SAS with a focus on travel. After that, he continued his own journey to the hotel chain Best Western, Europcar, DGI-Byens Hotel and Conference Center, EF Language Travel and Hotel Marienlyst.

"Everything has been exciting jobs and good jobs, but I stuck to the two-year rule, because I have always wanted to learn more and see something new," he explains and continues: "That is also why I have always had 'something extra' at page about my jobs. I have not been able to give up ", smiles Martin Rance, while the thoughts lead to all the jobs he has had as bartender, bar manager, event coordinator and the management of several bars at the Langelands Festival and Ringsted festival. However, the most fun of all Martin's "side-by-side jobs" was the time at the Hotel Phoenix Copenhagen, Arp-Hansen.


Got Britney Spears out of bed

Unlike Martin's everyday job, his relationship with the Arp-Hansen hotels stretched over an entire decade.

"We could count on each other. They called me when they needed help and vice versa when I had gaps in my calendar. It was absolutely perfect, and I loved coming to Phoenix Copenhagen, ”says Martin Rance.

So did the stars, including David Bowie, for whom Martin was honored to carry the bags, and instead of being tipped, the handsome young man was given an interview with the world-famous singer for a school assignment.

"I do not remember what grade I got for that particular school work, but I had a long conversation with David Bowie, and it was completely unforgettable," recalls Martin Rance.


It was also unforgettable when he was given the task of going up to room 2212, which is a suite, to wake a guest who did not respond to the reception's wake-up call. It had happened before, but it is rare that a bell-boy has to go into the hotel room itself to push the guest to wake him - or her. It turned out that it was Britney Spears herself that Martin would get out of bed.

"It was a great time. I went all the way around the hotel industry, got to meet a lot of people and had fun ", says the cheerful Dane. It was a fun, but also very changeable time. Now it is instead about finding peace and creating a home. The last can well be written in the plural.


Turning Houses into Homes

Martin Rance has recently started his latest and most ambitious business project. With, he sells furniture and furnishes homes to foreigners on the Costa del Sol.

“I want to turn houses into homes. That's what it's all about, ”says an excited entrepreneur, who for the first time stands on his own two feet. And that, on the other hand, is exactly what he has always dreamed of.

“In recent years, I have otherwise been happy to have worked in another furniture department store, but everyone could see where it was headed. The time gave me a good insight into the industry and many good contacts as well as suppliers such as the furniture manufacturer Actona Company ", says Martin Rance, who knows exactly what he wants with his new project:


" We want to help with the interior and we deliver a complete solution for your new home. We work with quality furniture, the best service and really good prices - as I do not have a showroom, warehouse and a lot of staff. Everything is delivered and assembled in three weeks. ”

These are clear words from a great guy who has grown up.

Now Martin Rance knows where he stands and what he wants.

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