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Danish Furniture Store Opens the Doors to a New "Showroom"

He opened exactly two years ago - online. This month, he then opens his first physical store. It has gone strong for Martin Rance and his furniture concept, Your Home Styling Costa del Sol, ”but it has not gone too fast. We have both legs on the ground ”, assures the Danish entrepreneur, who sticks to his concept and values. “We sell really good furniture at really reasonable prices. We spice it up with the best possible service. All you have to do is arm yourself with four to six weeks of patience, which is our delivery time, ”explains the Danish furniture man, who just wants to avoid the large storage costs to keep his sales prices down. That is also why the new store and showroom will not be the largest, most beautiful or most expensive on the coast. In return, it becomes good and functional.

Martin Rance & his girlfriend Laura Ortega Rodriguez

“We will show a smaller selection of our wide range of beds, bedside tables, sofas, dining and coffee tables, rugs, tables & chairs, garden furniture as well as decoration and applied art. We have everything for the home and a little more - and we want to go further than others in the market, to make your home delicious and ready to move in, ”promises Martin Rance and his team. When he cut the thread for Your Home Styling two years ago, there was only him and his girlfriend. Today he has a team of ten men behind him. It includes everything from salespeople and consultants to stylists, an architect and a handful of fitters. “We then dream of growing even more, but our biggest wish is to be able to maintain the high customer satisfaction we have today. It is thanks to our customers that we get so many recommendations. It is also thanks to them that we get so many good times among exciting people. "We are very social here in the store," says Martin Rance, who in the future is focusing on even closer customer contact.

The new store and showroom are inaugurated precisely so that the average person can easily look past. “From the beginning, we have sold really well online and at a distance, but we also have customers who want to sit in their furniture before shopping. We get this opportunity

YHS Showroom

now, ”says Martin Rance, who emphasizes that he obviously cannot show the entire range in his new showroom - although there is plenty to gather inspiration for his home. Your Home Styling is built around three styles;

Ethnic Living, which is equal to Andalusian lifestyle, a little "beach vibe" and retro, teak furniture and balanced earth tones.

Contemporary Living, which with rich sofas and modern dining tables brings to mind mansions in Paris. A very clean and classic style.

And last but not least, there is Nordic Living, which has its focus on it, minimalist, stylish, spacious and which can easily be mixed in several colors and made warm with different types of wood.

“There are lots of good things to choose from here, but it must also be easy to shop with us. It is not enough just to supply and assemble. We are with you all the way around and set up the flat screen, your pictures on the wall and the hangers in the bathroom. We only go when the final cleaning is done, ”promises Martin Rance.

On Thursday 18 November 2021, everyone is welcome to drop by Your Home Styling's new showroom in Centro Nórdico on Ctra. de Mijas. From 15:00 to 18:30 tapas are served, live music and lots of good company. There will be plenty of space to "network" this day, as well as to explore and gather a lot of inspiration for interior design.

In Danish in "La Danesa" here.

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